Democratic Nominee

Alabama Board of Education, District 1



Public Education

Every Alabama child and student deserves the opportunity to have

 a free, appropriate and quality K-12 public school education.


State Funding

All Alabama K-12 public schools deserve adequate state education funding. State education funding

 should include considerable financial resources for every K-12 classroom teacher.

 I oppose using state education funding to support private and for-profit charter schools

 that do not meet the same accountability and regulatory standards

 as traditional K-12 public schools, especially inclusion of students with disabilities.



Every Alabama K-12 student deserves excellent classroom teachers.

 I support state policies to certify, recruit and retain the very best K-12 public school teachers at all levels.


Salaries and Benefits

Public school salaries and benefits must receive adequate state education funding

all K-12 public school personnel, including teachers, counselors, social workers, principals and support staff.


School Transportation

Public school transportation must be provided for all K-12 public school students who need it.

This transportation must meet the needs of all students, especially those in rural, suburban and urban areas.